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Known for its horrible side effects, Glytheum, as it's commonly called, is a well known mutagent in the Shezue System. First discovered thousands of years ago by the ancient Taliac clan on Bolla IV, the Shezucans were terrified of its horrible side effects when touched. When it was discovered, it was mined as a popular ore for years until people started to discover what it was doing to them. Before long, the entire population of Bolla IV when it was a livelier planet began to panic, fleeing from something they knew nothing about; something that was seen all across the planet's surface. However, a small group of the Taliac people, scientists from around the world, gathered in discovery of a new era of technology: Glytheum technology. For decades these group of people experimented with what little resources they had to soon harness technology that would shape history. After enough experiments, they were able to break down the Glytheum ore into a mercury-like state, called Pure Glytheum. By doing this, they were able to then extract electricity from the Glytheum liquid, using it to light their houses and temples. Afterward, it was no longer feared as much. Decades later, all of the temples on Bolla IV used this new technology as light. It became a popular technology, almost an infinite solution to their problems. As centuries went by, scientists then used this technology for other power sources ranging from weaponry to entertainment. Before long, there wasn't a single spot on the planet where glytheum was new to. Advance thousands of years later, and Glytheum was being used in new bio-weaponry by SPEC, the Shezue Pyro-Experiment Company. By this time period, this mutagent power source was also used to power giant space vessels known today. From small fighter crafts to Capital ships bigger than moons.

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