// Planet Bolla IV //...

The desert planet as it's called, Bolla IV (4) remains the most deserted planet, home to old temple ruins and cold temperatures.

First inhabited by the ancient Taliac clan, Bolla IV remains a large mass of mystery and ruin. Historians shown that this planet used to be full of life much like Planet Karnak, but how the planet became a stripped wasteland baffles scientists and historians. Many beleive the ancient Taliac people had used up all of their resources and had caused the planet to become what it is today, but others believe differently. The only proof is within the temple ruins themselves all around Bolla IV's surface, but only few can interpret them.

After hundreds of years turning a blind eye to Bolla IV when the Shezucans first descended into space, the Avralian Fleet stood up for a voyage to this wasteland's surface. After centuries Bolla IV became a huge asset to the fleet and other small militaries, proving to be a great place to test new weaponry and to train new soldiers. After so long, the planet eventually became known as the "Home of the brave".

Being a deserted planet, however, Bolla IV is easily the coldest of the three planets, and without any plantlife or animals around, Bolla IV proves to be quite a challenge to live on. The air is thinner, and the atmosphere is slowly dissolving after years of no vegetation.

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