// Planet Glythe //...

Proving to be the most mysterious planet of the Milky Way, Glythe is more than just a planet.

Found in 3084, scientists quickly found the source of a mutagent called Pyroglytheum. Glytheum, read in more detail at the previous link, is a mutagent at it's core, is found in almost everything in the Shezue System, both in organisms and inanimate objects.

Scientists believe that Planet Glythe was formed long before most other planets were created millions of years ago, giving Glythe quite the history. Since the planet is almost a fourth of the galaxy away from their system, it's become a difficult task on researching it. However, scientists have discovered that Glythe became unstable about 700 thousand years ago before the mantle and crust imploded, causing a force like none other. The result of this great explosion left in a slow frozen state a large cloud-like object booming out of Glythe's crust. From there, the Glytheum slowly spread across solar systems like the plague, infecting everything it came near, dwelling in everything.

Still unable to come close to the planet, scientists believe one day they will be able to visit this abnormal planet covered in glytheum to discover its true meaning and why it exploded.

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