// Planet Karnak //...

Known for its large number of species and plantlife, Karnak remains the biggest planet in the Shezue System with two small moons orbiting around it.

First inhabited by the Shezue race thousands of years ago, this planet quickly became populated by the thousands. After a few centuries with their smart wit and intelligence, they were able to make their early flying transportation. After a thousand years, they were able to reach other planets, their technology progressing faster than their ancestor humans.

Before long they reached planet Forticah and Bolla IV, inhabiting Forticah for it's colder surface, allowing them to populate the planet's surface with vast, large technologies and buildings. Slowly they left Karnak to its forested surface and jungles; only a third of the system's population stayed, treasuring the planet's beautiful surface. Before long, most had forgetten about Karnak, leaving its small population to themselves.

When the meteor wars started to become a priority, many of the population turned to space stations anchored on the outer edges of the solar system, protecting their homes from being hit with large meteors from an unknown source.

By the time most of the stations had been built, Karnak was treasured the most after they discovered Karnak remained untouched, unlike the other two planets. From then on, Karnak remained the Shezues' most beloved planet, giving it an astounding name sake for everyone to remember.

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