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Welcome to the Glytheum State universe,
home of the Shezue system, some of the strongest militaries, future technology, and more.

The Glytheum State Saga is based on a solar system a few hundred light years away from our very own solar system, home to Earth. First found on accident by escapees from a life-long prison, this place quickly became home of the new race: the Shezue. With fame spreading throughout the galaxy, they are well respected by many, including the few humans who know of their existence and other life beyond the Shezue system, including the Exclio, the Galora, and the Florja races.

The Shezue first came into existence by a man named John Mathews, who wanted to make a mark in history, and did. After a long and hard journey through space, the Shezue made their way to the Shezue system, first inhabiting planet Karnak, then Forticah, and lastly Bolla IV.

After years of settlement, centuries of advancing technologies and thousands of intellectual development, they became one of the most respected races in the galaxy known for their impressive intelligence in science and technology, becoming one of the most formidable federations known in history.

It wasn't long after their settlement on Karnak that they started to form several militaries. Within a few centuries, they created the famous Avralian Fleet, first known as the Avral Army. Within a few thousands of years, this military made its mark on history as one of the largest and best militaries out there. It quickly grew a reputation many would respect, showing its strength many times before to the Florja and the Galora. Before long, the Exclio, another well respected race, became intrigued by the new race, and created a peace pact that would later last thousands of years, allowing a new friendship that would only boost their famous reputation.

The Shezue system is also one of the few systems in the Milky Way formed into a federation, and has been successful since they started. Before long, the Shezue became not only famous for their formidable strength, but their peaceful nature, becoming one of the most successful and peaceful races in the galaxy.
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