What is The Glythuem State?

The Glytheum State is a story about two brothers fighting for two different causes; one trying to destroy the galaxy, and the other trying to save it. Through the harshes of war and difficult times, we learn people can sometimes break through their endeavours and more often than naught, become villainous.

Starting our story

Our story follows the sons of the Captain of the AFSS Lariat Battlecruiser, Clyde McDuffy. A war hero to some, a Father of Elements to others. Raphial, a fire elemental, is plundered into the middle of a very chaotic civil war where he is put to the ultimate test again and again by his half-brother Eloe, a legendary elemental who possesses the power of all elements. Both belonging to the Shezuan race, Raphial's childhood was very short-lived during his birth during the Galorian Invasion when his people were poverty stricken and at war; their solar system nearly on the edge of ruin. His father, Clyde, became a war hero in the effort of defeating the Queen of the Galora that controlled the campaign and invasion on their home system. As a teenager, Raphial was thrown into the military and had known nothing more than combat since, but quickly became an expert in many useful fields such as piloting, weaponry, and more, determined to be stronger than his brother when the time comes. While the world forgot about Clyde, the hero, after the war resided, Eloe had slipped away from the spot light and had disappeared for many years, only to reappear with any army by his side, and a ruly ambition to dictate the system. Our antagonist was created in a program to create Absolute Soldiers where he was cloned from Clyde's DNA. This had started the close relationship between the two, and using advanced technology hidden from the public, they were able to alter and give Eloe abilities never seen before. They infused his entire body with Glytheum, making him a concentrated ballast of a mutagen able to mutate and manipulate nature. After he was released from his experiments, he was given to Clyde to mentor while he matured to help turn the results of the invading war during a time thought lost. After winning the battle against the invading Queen of Galora, the system was thought to be at peace once again. However, because Eloe was treated as a weapon, and not a person, he was brutally tortured, imprisoned, and experimented on further in secrecy. It was not long until Eloe could not handle the pain, and eventually broke out of his prison in a bloody battle, only to disappear for years into the unknown. This is the start of The Glytheum State.