What is TGS?

The Glytheum State is a story about two brothers fighting for two different causes; one trying to destroy the galaxy, and the other trying to save it. Through the harshes of war and difficult times, we learn people can sometimes break through their endeavours and more often than naught, become villainous.

This story follows our hero who is plundered into the middle of a very chaotic civil war where he is put to the ultimate test again and again. His team of specialized military personnel and operatives help make his goal a possible reality.

Character Development

With a large universe comes a large list of characters! We have a vast variety of characters to learn about.

A Sci-fi world realized

It's been hundreds of years since mankind fell into madness on Earth, and in a desperate attempt, a group of scientists turned to an anthropomorphic race across the stars for help. Over the course of a few thousand years, man evolved into more complex species, DNA mixing with animal races, becoming something new among the stars.

Over this long period of time, civilisations developed into colossal factions, and one by one, they met with the stars and space, each major society becoming its own epic accomplishment and home world. One after the other, factions fought for domination, and slowly more and more fell into ruin. Before long, the Shezue Federation was formed in hopes to stop the chaos and bring peace to the galaxy and long lost civilisations.

The last century has been the most peaceful in the galaxy, proving that with a little effort and team work, peace can be realized. Welcome to the universe of fantasy and science fiction as you follow our protagonist through a difficult journey when his own brother, a super soldier, disturbs the long-sought peace in his home world.

Concept Art

Check out our concepts and artwork for the project! From promo art to sketches!