Eloe Monoke
Character Stats
Nickname: Eloe
Birthdate: Unknown
Eye Color: Red/Blue
Height: 6' 8
Race: canis
Ability: Unknown
Element: lightning
Occupation: Unknown
Weapons: Unknown
Factions and Culture

History and Birth

During a time of war, a new weapons organization named SPEC, created the "absolute soldier" program dubbed Sector 7. The Shezue Republic was near desperate for any new weapons to help the war effort the Galora had caused them, and approved this new experimentation. This became the birth of Eloe Monoke', given the last name "Monoke' " as a symbol of his creation, as only experimented young children were given this last name. Harnessing the newly acquired technology used to manipulate pyroglytheum, Eloe was created to create and manipulate all known elements, including pyroglytheum. With this new ability, he could employ and orchestrate a vast number amount of abilities using elements like fire, water, earth, electricity, and more. He was the first to harness this amount of power.

With Clyde McDuffy as his handler and pseudo-father, Eloe quickly matured and became a formidable soldier and tactical advantage to the war effort. With these two spear heading the most crucial missions, it wasn't long before the war was over, and the Shezue Republic had stopped the invasion on their home system. The Galora was driven out and exiled with their queen defeated. However, with the ending fo the war effort, Eloe was forced to become a contractual piece of property for SPEC, a living, breathing weapon, to be used when needed against his will. He was imprisoned for long periods of time between each mission, and quickly developed a hatred towards people and the others around him. In between his missions he became more and more hateful and spiteful, constantly being treated badly by his peers and higher ranking officers, sometimes being tortured and abused. 

It was the very reason he became a deadly, spiteful mercenary.


With his high intelligence and quick maturing, Eloe hastily became a well-trained, mature, smart individual, easily out ranking and out-doing all of his peers. He was quickly praised for his valor and commitment during the Galora Invasion, and grew a large reputation as a formidable hero. During his younger age he was quiet, reserved, but polite and respectful to everyone around him. However after the war had ended, during his harsh treatment and imprisonment, he became hateful, antisocial, extremely reserved, and would quietly plan his escape and the demise of his peers. He quickly became emotional-less and heartless, especially with the passing of his secretive fiancé, Zeera. He's known to take down entire organizations, groups of people, without hesitation, and rarely cares about the result of his actions. While incredibly intelligent and strategically unmatched, he can be both insensitive and ruthless.


While imprisoned after the war, Eloe met a kindhearted friend by the name of Zeera. Despite his antisocial nature and negativity towards others, Zeera found a way to help his anxiety and emotions, helping him focus and control his mental health and emotions. They kept their developing relationship a secret in fear the SPEC organization would purposely split them apart. Over time their relationship grew and they were to be married. However, one day Zeera was reported missing for over a week, and Eloe could not find her. With no word from her and her sudden disappearance, he feared he was once again left behind. It was many weeks later he found her body during a mission run, and it had become obvious to him it was SPEC soldiers that had murdered her. In response, Eloe revolted and went on a blind rampage, killing dozens of soldiers around him during his mission within seconds, annihilating dozens of lives. In his rage, he hijacked one of the ships used to arrive and quickly flew through space towards SPEC HQ, a space station on the outer rim named Station X.

Upon his arrival he began a spiteful, ruthless, and heartless rage, destroying everything in his path. Jeopardizing even his own life risking the destruction of the station, killing hundreds of men, soldiers, and privately hired mercenaries underneath SPEC. His constant holding back, shielding his anger and emotions had finally came back to haunt him during his anger, and he killed every soul on Station X. Shortly after finding everyone killed, leaving no trace behind, Eloe disappeared, only to be a distant memory of the past. Over the years Eloe's destructive nature and station massacre became well known throughout the system, and he was remembered as a murdered, destroying what good reputation of a hero he had once before.


Upon the immediate release of Eloe's body from his creation chambers, Clyde was given the assignment to watch over and teach Eloe as his own son. Little did Clyde know initially that Eloe was created with his DNA. In a way, he was Eloe's biological father, even through his creation. Eloe's father quickly taught him everything he needed to know to become a formidable soldier, an ally, and partner. Together they brought down the Galora Queen, something thought impossible before. With their help, the Galora Invasion was brought to a halt after many years of the campaign. Clyde treated Eloe as his own son, and tried to give him the same love he gave his other son, Raphial, who was real young at the time. He wanted Eloe to grow up as respectable, honored hero and to become his own individual, to surpass him and become something more than a weapon.

Unfortunately with the end of the war, unknown to Clyde, Eloe was held captive in secret. For the handful of years Eloe was held captive for highly classified missions, Clyde thought he had ran away or passed away. For years Clyde looked for him, but because of SPEC's dark secrets and government contracts, Eloe was kept in hiding. It wasn't until the Station X massacre and Eloe's rampage against SPEC that Clyde intervened to hopefully talk sense into his long-lost son. In a quick and brief confrontation, Eloe fought Clyde and eventually left him alive. What little attachment Eloe still had was the reason Clyde was left alive, and Clyde had no wish to fight. Clyde was one of the few sole survivors that day.