Raphial McDuffy
Character Stats
Nickname: Raph
Birthdate: 08 12, 4025
Eye Color: Red
Height: 6' 5
Race: canis
Ability: CQC, piloting, rifle training, and military leadership
Element: fire
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Weapons: Chrysós Thanatos (Gear blade)
Factions and Culture
Often times over-confident but loyal, Raph has a close bond to his friends and family, more times than not trusting people too much. He's sometimes hard on others, but fair, and likes to see his close ones succeed through anything. It's only recently he began to trust someone enough to date, and started to become close to his new squad member, Avala. He's caring, high-strung, confident, and is a realist at heart. He kept his brother in arms, Josh, and his close female friend, Jenna close to him throughout his childhood.