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Active Assaults, Dawn of Time

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The Main Characters and Story

The second game to the Active Assaults game list. Also the whole recap of the first game, but with even more suspense, new moves and techniques, new characters, and more!

Shadowe O’Connel
, the biggest, strongest, and the most extreme villain Raphial will probably ever face. He is basically a lot like Eloe Monoke’, but about five times worse. He has the power of time, fire, and the shadow element, hence his name. He was first known to be Raphial! But turned against everyone from anger, depression, and hatred to others and became an evil fox-demon that would even shake time itself. Now, most are thinking, “How is HE Raphial?”, well, when he first appeared in the end of the first game, AA, TB, he fought with Raphial and both had ran into a portal that took them back in time. To the point where Eloe was in the middle of facing Raphial’s father, Clyde McDuffy. Thus, having another Raphial pop up from the future, he interrupts time and the fight, and Eloe gets away with the other, 8 year old Raphial in the escape pod that he was supposed to escape Eloe with like in the first game. Eloe taught Shadowe everything he knew and also helped Shadowe develop new powers and hone his skills.

Clyde McDuffy, father to Raphial, and a loving friend to others. He, like explained in Shadowe’s description, was saved from time’s death when Raphial had gone back in time and reappeared in the middle of Clyde’s and Eloe’s fight, which Clyde was doomed to parish in. He is told by his son, Raphial McDuffy, the whole meaning, story, and problem that was going on. Raphial, being the smart one of the family, knew immediately when he had saw his father that he returned in time. Clyde actually plays a major role in this game, unlike the first one. He helps Raphial a lot by partner-ship and helping him physically and mentally when he could to improve Raphial’s skills. He is also head of the FireFox Flame team when it first came to.

Raphial McDuffy
, the sole survivor of the Silent War. He was the sole survivor, until he had come back in time from Shadowe’s technique. He is the main character in this story and game also, as in the first one. He is Shadowe’s mortal, and time-worth rival and foe. Sense Shadowe is Raphial, Raph has to find a way to capture, and kill Shadowe without accidentally killing himself. Thus, this will be the main problem, besides Shadowe himself, in this game. Find a way to survive and conquer.

Avala Haku
, The sweet, purple loving vixen from the first game. She, although she played a big role in the first game, is put off the team by Raphial and Clyde. Raphial had doubts and worries about Avala the whole time, and all of the missions and such seemed too dangerous for a sweet vixen like Avala, thus, Raphial reserved a large house in a small, uncharted beach on Planet Bolla IV.

Josh Marshall, formally known as Josh Monoka’, in the first game (He married Jenna Marshall). He has a pretty large role in this game too. He, as in the first game, returns as Raphial’s partner when they meet each other again in the future when Raphial transports back and forth through time to find clues and ways to find and destroy Shadowe, thus, he returned to his time and got Josh to come and help him, basically.

Jenna Marshall
, the perkiest white vixen around, became wife to Josh. She plays a better part in this game than she did in the first game, giving her more talent and chances to become a little bit better. She is mostly famous for her fantastic voice when she sings in the AV3 band that Raphial, Clye, and Josh had created. Jenna also, believe it or not, has control of the drum set in the band, and is pretty known for that as well.

Jenney Salisbary
, one of the newest characters in the series that meets with Jenna and Raphial when they have a mission together while Josh takes on Station V. Jenney is first met unexpectedly on Bolla IV, as a researcher and an archeologist, researching the lost ruins of Avala’s race, the Aultens. She is almost captured by Eloe’s henchmen right before they meet, but Raphial stops the fray.

Trey Munro
, the leader, and last survivor of the Munro Clan. He first seemed to have been killed by Josh in the first game, but he escaped the fray after Raphial and Josh left the old church, thus, under secrecy, he lived, but with a slim chance, but made it. Matthew, his lost Clan partner, was killed in the first game though, leaving Trey to himself.

Game Updates

None as of now.

Game Varification and Information

Rated T for Teen. Rated because of mild violence.

System is the Windows DOS computer system. Compatible with Windows XP, 2000, and Vista.

Copyrighting to this game is all reserved by MoonStar(e) Productions.

Created and directed by James M. H.

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