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Contacting Us

Joining the Team:

Want to join the Active Assaults Team? You want to become a good game designer or programmer? Come join us! We'll gladly find you a decent position that will suit you for the team and game!

Email us a short resume stating your screen/online name, age, and anything else you would like for us to know:

Note: The resume must only contain your online name and if you state your real name, ONLY state your FIRST name or your nickname.


Contacting for questions/comments/complaints:

We have noticed recently that we have had some recent member problems such as spammers or flammers. So, in doing so, we have a complaint/comment/question email that will contact the head director himself (Raphial) to resolve the situation. We will try the best of our abilities to resolve the situation peacefully.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please email them at: