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Active Assaults

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Demo Released on May 15!

The first demo of Active Assaults, The Beginning, will be released on May 15, 3:00 PM Central Time. Three choices of buying the demo are listed below:

>FREE: Downloading only the demo from this website.

>5$: You will be mailed the CD containing the demo and character bios and history along with a folder containing several images of the characters that are not shown on the net. Email me here if you want to buy this one.

>10$: This will have the CD in an official Active Assaults, The Beginning cover and bonus features that contains new pictures not featured online, new bonus features on the demo, and more!

Here are some screenshots of the demo, click here.  

NOTE: Both CD cases come with an instruction booklet and all rights to these features, games, and CD's belong to MoonStar(e) Productions.

If you have any questions or comments, email me at

Site Updates

After a small portion of time with some server problems, with the help of the FreeWebSpace staff, we got the server fixed and now, as you see, the site is once again back up to it's fullest. 

There is not much on the updates for the site as of this minute, but I will list them when I have the chance and when it happens.


Active Assaults, The Beginning

Active Assaults, Dawn of Time

Demo Screenshots
My Dream

Many people thought I could not do it, nor did they believe me for years. None thought bright of the idea nor liked it. Most thought I was full of myself or lied about it, but look at me now, I got my own game developing company and a website to support it. For those who supported me, you know who you are, thank you very much. To those who thought wrong of me, shame of ya' because it sucks to be you because I just might be your boss one day.

My Fursona

The best part about being a fur or anthro fan is having your own fursona. Check out mine! (This is also the player I use in Role Plays)

My fursona page.



MSP Message Board

As being obvious, there is a "Forum" link on the navigation menu now that will link you to the new M.S.P. forums, or message board. It is on a free server as of now, but that will change soon.


Behind the Scenes

So much! But yet so little time!

Yep, there has been a lot going on lately in my life and the life of the game and company. Apparently, it has been growing and been getting more famous by the minute! People at my high school, including the teachers, are supporting and have been asking of the game, wanting more and more information on it. Wow is all I have to say, never thought it would become such a great thing and such a well known subject. I'm so excited, heh.



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