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A Time's Wrath, Chapter 2

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Active Assaults

A Time’s Wrath

By James M. H.


MoonStar(e) Productions

Chapter 2

The Meeting



The room was so dark and damp, it never appealed to Raphial’s senses and it stung his nose and mind. He looked around, but only to see the windows, the skeletal wolf, or the blackness of the night in the old crypt he was standing in that he thought would have all of the answers he was looking for.

Raphial looked and looked for anything new, or to have any idea what this place was or what to do. He then had his eyes caught on the black, skeletal wolf on the ground who’s right hand was still holding the end of the handle that was attached to a small panel on the right hand column. Raph looked at it, examined it, and thought for a moment, “If this is a small control panel, then where are the dials? I see the on/off switch, or the activation switch, but no activation buttons to detail the activation. Hmm…”

As he was about to pull the switch, he heard a noise ahead of him, about four yards away to what Raphial thought. Raph froze in horror and readied his pistol to be shot any moment. He then raised the pistol as he stepped over the small step that was near the columns. He then stepped off of the column’s small platform and walked carefully, freely, and calm to whatever was making the noise. “Stop, come out, and I won’t hurt you!” Raphial yelled in the dark as his tail swooshed back and forth as if ready for something to appear. He stopped and readied his ground and parted his feet, having the pistol’s barrel aimed high into the darkness to what Raphial thought was the direction of the annoying noise he was hearing ever other minute.

As he was about to pull the trigger, a figured jumped at him from the ground and attacked Raphial before he could fire or defend himself at anything. “Get the heck off me you freaker!” he yelled in anger as he bashed at the beast’s head. Whatever was on him was shaped like a wolf or dog, but a big one. It was at least a yard high on its fours, it was black and fearsome. The dog was trying to bite Raphial’s neck as the instinct of an attacking animal would do, but Raph was smart and had his left arm in the back of the beast’s mouth and was hitting the black wolf on the head with the back of his pistol.

“Ok, I’ve had it!” Raphial yelled out in anger as he pointed the barrel of the pistol at the creature’s maw, or the inside of his mouth, and fired at the top of his maw, quickly and daring. The beast howled and barked in pain as it let loose of Raphial’s left arm and whimpered while it fell to the ground. The beast was no more. His heartbeat stopped only mere seconds as it dropped to the ground unwillingly. His body forced it to retreat and it had fallen to the ground only to find its doom rise. The black fur of the wolf started to quickly shimmer and dissolve as blood started to form a large puddle near Raphial. Raph was still on his behind, having his tail under his legs to protect it, and was sitting there, watching in horror at what the wolf’s corpse was doing.

The wolf’s body started to shrink as the fur on it quickly dissolved into nothing, leaving only black skin. The beast’s red eyes also dissolved as well, leaving a small eye socket where each eye was. Soon, in a matter of seconds, the body disappeared into a puff of smoke as the blood below it formed a large puddle at the feet of Raphial. Raph, seeing this, immediately jumped up in shock while backing up a few steps. He leaned against the back of one of the columns for support, breathing heavily, but he started to realize the incident was over and his breathing started to lower to its normal beat.

After he calmed down, he placed his pistol back into its holster on his belt on his right hip and walked back around the column and examined, once again, the small panel. “I had better think and do this quick, otherwise, another one of those wolves might show up to find its partner dead and me standing,” he said to himself.

He finally grabbed hold of the switch the skeleton body was holding on to, and turned it into the downward position where it was labeled, “On.”

The darkness in the whole room shot up in light and the room lit up like a giant light bulb, startling Raphial. He fell over the step behind him and landed on his behind, watching each individual light appear on the ceiling that must have been 12 feet high. There were rows of 1o going towards the door behind him and towards the wall in front of him, while there was a row of 5 going left to right and right to left from Raphial’s view. These lights were very old lights, but they had a present time style and feel to them. They were designed to fit into the ceiling themselves instead of stick out to be more fashionable. They were a small tube with one small light bulb in each one that stuck into the old concrete about 5 inches deep into it.

Raphial got up, looking around the room, taking in what he could to what we call detail. He looked all around the old room. It was a mysterious room at that though. None like he had ever seen. The walls were painted a bloodshot red and had a portion of black stains on them, to make it look like a red and black coating over each other. There were no paintings or pictures of any kind either like you would normally imagine. The two columns in the middle stood on a foot high platform that held a small machine in the middle. The columns themselves had no color except the old concrete color that they were made out of. There was a series of windows to the left of Raphial that filled the walls with light. They were colorful, stained glass windows that formed a row of 1o on the wall. They were the classical door shape and where about 9 feet by 5 feet.

The floor had a large red detailed carpet like you would see in old castles. It covered the whole floor and about a foot away from each wall was the detail of the carpet shown vigorously. Raphial looked behind him to see what the doors he had walked through looked like. They were steel doors though, and had almost startled Raphial the instant he saw them. They had metal plated pads on them to add more thickness to the metal. Each door had a small window that showed the Ten Commandments. Each door had one of the two slabs bolted inside of the door and the window was there to protect them but to also show them.

Raph got up and walked over to one of the doors; he put up his right paw and gently traced the outer rim of the window, then he placed his whole paw on the middle of the window, concentrating on them roughly. He finally closed his eyes; his paw still on the window. He then turned around before opening them again. As he did, he noticed a small metallic desk all the way on the other wall opposite of him in his direction he was looking at; beyond the columns and machinery. There was a small wooden chair also, and an open book on the middle of the desk. Raphial walked over to the desk, taking a couple of moments getting there because the room was about 7o feet long and 3o feet wide.

He looked in the pages of the opened section of the book and made a curious look, then flipped the book closed so he could see the old cover. The Holy Bible. It was an old bible that must have been down here for a century, or at least 1o years. It was a hard back cover book, and was painted black all over it, and the words “The Holy Bible” were in bright gold; embossed deeply in the cover.

He opened the bible back to where the page was, and left it alone. He looked around the room, but found nothing to his advantage or knowledge. He then walked over to the black wolf’s corpse again and bent down next to it in front. He looked closely and concentrated hard on it, but found nothing. He then rose, disappointed, and walked back to the large metallic, bolted doors. As he was about 2 feet away from the doors, they slammed shut and bolted together. Now keep in mind, these doors are almost 2 feet wide, but about 1o feet tall. Raphial jumped back in horror as he realized that these doors weren’t coming back open alone themselves.

“Heh heh. You seem to never take a hint do you?” called out a voice behind him several yards away.

Raphial turned around to find a handsome, yet evil looking white fox who wore a large black coat that had a large collar that was outlined in red on the edges. The coat was over nothing but his fur and came down a bit below his waist; it was buttoned up to the bottom of the collar. He also wore pitch black blue jeans and large black boots. His fur markings included the following: a black tipped tail, black feet paws, and black tipped ears. He also had a scar above his left eye and a ponytail. His eyes were a mean green and meant trouble.

“What are you doing here? And who are you?” Raphial quickly replied to the menace.

“I am an adversary to Eloe. I think you have heard of this name have you not?” the fox returned questionably.

“Yes…Yes I have. But you are the one I wan to know about, and for some reason, the stench of evil lurks near you and all around you. Feeling as though I do not want to know you, but what is your name? And why do you come to a desolate place like this?” Raphial stated over his anger.

“I admire you’re curiosity, and I guess I will let you know my real name this time. My name is Trey Munro, descendant of the Munro Clan of this sacred church and land. I am the last of that clan, but I do hold an apprentice. His name is Matthew Sparrow, and I shall have to think you might meet him for another time,” the white fox replied as he pulled out a long katana sword, but did not indicate he was going to use it at the moment.

“I see you are well armed and ready for a fight, are you not? The sword you hold is one for pure fighting skill and war, correct?” Raphial replied with a smirk, pulling out his left palm, facing it towards the ground.

“Why yes, yes it is. Do you wish to learn of it?” Trey said as he launched himself at Raphial like a speeding bullet.

“So it starts…” Raphial thought as he summoned a large medieval sword known as the Solar Edge sword, into his left paw. It was a large two handed sword with a long straight blade that was joined with a curved part at the tip and it had an engraved small fire symbol on the bottom of the blade near the guard. The handle was about two feet long while the blade was a yard long and about 3 to 5 inches wide.

Raphial immediately jumped back from Trey, holding his sword in front of his chest to guard him. He had his sword in his left hand while he was conducting a move with his right. Trey, seeing he escaped his first forward jump slash, stopped quickly and did not hesitate for a second while he jumped in the air after Raphial, still getting to him with his katana blade.

“How about it kid!? Me and you! One on one! Fight to the death!” Trey yelled angrily with a devilish smile on his face as he was only a few feet from Raphial in mid air. Raphial, finishing his hand signals, bounced off the wall behind him that was coming at him and bounced forward, but up higher in the air before Trey could slash him. As Raphial was in the air, he twisted his body so that his face was pointing in Trey’s direction and was in the perfect angle. He bent his face downward and flipped his whole body and he opened his maw. Fire burst from his throat like raging waters at Trey’s direction. It was a large flame, but it was large enough to call a major fireball. The raging ball of fire shot at Trey and was coming fast too.

Raphial, seeing it was his perfect chance, lowered his body and landed on the ground on his right knee and left foot paw, and he had his sword in defensive position behind his back before he sprinted towards the two columns and the device panel.

Trey saw the fireball coming and bounced off the wall downward to the floor away from the fireball and succeeded as he landed on his feet paws and ran towards Raphial with his sword extended for an attack in front of him. Raphial, making it to the panel, twisted and turned his body so that he was facing Trey and said before switching the switch off, “Let’s play in the dark…”

Raphial pulled the switch up and disappeared in the darkness as Trey stopped himself to remember his position in the dark. Unfortunately, before he could turn around, Raphial came in for an attack out of the blue and smashed Trey’s face with the side of his blade like a bat. Trey, being hit, flew across the room and hit the wall to his left below one of the windows that shown a little light in front of him. He pulled out his katana again and readied himself, spreading his legs and holding his left free paw behind his back for endurance. He bent his legs and jumped constantly to be ready for anything.

Raphial saw this, and sensed where he landed, but knew not to go in that exact direction all at once. Instead, he rushed over to the far right of Trey where the rest of the row of windows where. The only lighted area of the large concrete room. Trey saw Raphial ready his sword down below his left side with his right hand before raising it up high over his head when he was only a couple of feet from him. Trey took his advantage with time and swung his sword above his head to find Raphial’s sword slam against his blade.

Raphial then jumped back as he pulled his blade back as well and leaped in the air for another attack. He had the blade of his sword facing downward in the air above Trey to strike down at him. Trey saw this coming though, only seconds later, and moved to the right as Raphial landed to stab the ground. His sword stabbed into the ground, but that did not stop Raph. Trey swung for Raphial’s head with a left swing with his right hand, but Raphial ducked as he pulled out his sword and leaped back away from the fray again so he could try something else. As he did, Trey leaped for him, but that was the wrong decision to make on his point of view. Raphial grabbed his right arm that held his sword as he stepped to the right out of the slash’s way and threw Trey over his shoulder as he twisted around, throwing him into another window’s light.

Raphial then jumped after him, readying his sword for anything. He then swung to the left with his right hand and missed as Trey jumped back and held his sword over his chest where the slashes aim was. Raphial didn’t stop there though, no way. He twisted around and slashed again, but downward at Trey. Trey immediately blocked the blow by holding his sword’s blade above his head like he had done before. As he did, before Raphial retreated though, he grabbed his left arm that did not wield the sword and threw him into the wall beside him, slamming him into it. Though Raphial saw this coming and hit the wall perfectly with his left hand and bounced off of it to come back at Trey before he could raise his katana again. Raph twisted his whole body to do his move and slashed Trey’s face, leaving a long scar on his left cheek. Raphial landed and quickly did a back flip over Trey, but Trey saw him coming and quickly jumped back a few yards and readied his katana before he jumped back at Raphial who landed on his feet paws.


Trey slashed downwards at Raphial, but Raph knew what was coming before even looking at him and twisted his body once more towards the right and pulled his sword over his head, blocking Trey’s blow. Then, before Trey could retreat, Raphial kicked him in the chest with his right foot paw and quickly jumped back as Trey fell backwards. Raph then quickly jumped back with his sword ready and slashed at Trey who luckily got his sword back and blacked the blow by holding his blade upward over his body. He was lying on the ground violently on old sand that tore through his coat like sand paper.

Raphial did not stop there though, he jumped over Trey and bounced off the wall in front and did a back flip from it, back into the windows light and had his sword pointing outward to his right, with his right hand holding it lastly. He then had his body in the right position and he placed both paws on his sword handle and held it tight as he came downward on top of Trey. The blade’s tip perfectly centered and read for the death blow at his chest. Trey skillfully did a back flip also using his paws and flipped back away from the blow and noticed Raphial’s sword had stabbed into the ground again, making Raph vulnerable for the second.

Raph saw this though and took out his pistol as he quickly let go of the sword and knelt behind it away from Trey’s blow that hit the stabbed sword’s blade. Raphial then took the chance and shot Trey right in his exposed chest and threw the gun behind him out of his way. He then jumped up and punched his face out of his way so he could reach the sword’s handle. He pulled the sword’s blade from the rock floor and swung it over his shoulder until it comfortably reached his right hand in a fighting position.

Trey limped away into the darkness away from the windows light and disappeared; making his blade heard dragging on the floor carelessly. Raphial then pulled back his blade from its ready position and watched closely and heard a collapse sound in the distance. He heard the sword’s blade fall to the ground just as a large collapse sound erupted from the darkness.

Raph walked through the darkness cautiously and reach the panel as he switched the lights back on. The lights shown Trey’s corpse. He lied on the old red carpet as if fallen from a tumor and pain. His sword also lay by his left side about a foot away from him, as if it had fallen before him. A large puddle of blood formed under the stiff body and stained the old carpet a darker red and left its scar in time in this retched crypt. This room was a ring, not a holy place. That was easy to understand and see now. He knelt down by his right side away from the red puddle and felt of his coat that was stained red. It had a small badge on it, one a clan would not usually wear.

He stood up, looking at the badge carefully and concentrated on it hard. Then a memory rushed through his mind, a long lost memory that was thought to be lost long ago.




Year of 3086


“Noo!!!!” the black wolf cried as the large grey wolf in front of him held a small child that was a white fox by the neck in the air like a balloon.

“Is this your child?” the grey wolf said hastily as he slammed the kid inside a small escape pod behind him.

They were on a large orbital station known as Station V. It was a station that remained in orbit above Bolla IV’s atmosphere. The station was suppose to be a large cruise station, but Eloe, the grey wolf, and a small team of his ransacked part of the station. Their mission was to take control of it.

“Eloe! Please! I beg of you! Stop!” the black wolf cried out again as he was held tightly by one of Eloe’s officers. The officer and Eloe had a small badge shaped like a triangle facing downwards with a diamond shape inside of it.

“Clyde! Hold your tongue or I’ll cut it off with my own blade!” Eloe yelled back at him angrily.

“No!” Clyde shouted as he kicked one of the officers that were holding him and he turned around and punched him right in the nose.

He then jumped in the air and smashed downward with a downward punch on another officer who was coming to control the situation.

Then as Clyde was turning around, he found Eloe right in his face. It was weird though; Clyde’s body stopped immediately and slump over like he was in deep pain.

Eloe snickered as he pulled out his large curved katana sword from his abdomen and turned to face the small white fox kit who was scared stiff inside of the escape pod. He was a male white fox and he had a black tipped bushy tail, black feet paws, and black ears with blood red eyes. He also had a scar below each eye.

The child jumped back; he was only 8 at the time. He jumped back in the pod and smashed his fist on a button near him that was marked in red as “Launch.”

The door smashed closed before Eloe could crawl in. A small window was visible on the door, showing Eloe slash at the pod violently and his father on the ground, holding his head high to see his son once more before his death.

The escape pod launched away from the station to only be found a couple of days later by the Republic who rescued and took care of Raphial before sending him back to Planet Karnak, his home planet, for the time being.





“So that was the whole biggie with Eloe I guess. I faked the knowledge of Eloe to get to the whole point when Trey was speaking to me. I never knew Eloe had done that to my father or me…or anyone. This is why my father was never reported in the records here or just about anywhere in fact. His death was not known because it was hidden or not found,” Raphial thought to himself as the memory ended in his mind.