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		Elemental weilders

When SPEC first introduced it's revolutionary Glytheum-Powered car, they began creating all kinds of new Glytheum technologies. They even used this popular substance to cure many different kinds of cancers and diseases they could not cure before. However, their fame and legend got to them. They started to then experiment on living organisms in secret, most found on Station X, the farthest space station from their three planets. After years of hiding their new and illegal programs, they began scamming parents into injecting glytheum-enhanced chemicals into newborn babies, which was almost always a death sentence for the child. The children who did survive however were given unnatural abilities, such as the power to create and control fire, or to read another person's mind. After their teenage years and many coaxing and bribery, the children would eventually become SPEC's personal security. Some didn't give in though, and remain outcasts of society. Some create legendary names for themselves while others cause chaos everywhere they go for cruel entertainment.

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