First introduced in 3545, the Shezue Pyroglytheum Experimentation Center started as a medical company focused on curing cancers that not even their advanced technologies of the time could cure. However, using Pyroglytheum they were able to use its complex and intense properties to cure a popular cancer called Danzers, a cancer that would spread from the lymph nodes to the brain, then literally swell the brain before it eventually killed the host. It was a common illness among the Shezue race, a cancer that had been around since ancient times. 

Through SPEC's huge accomplishment, their fame boomed among the system, having the technology and intellect to cure and remove even the toughest illnesses even from the most remote parts of space. After a few decades, SPEC decided to then use its technology to help improve their military through contracts. Since it wasn't but a few decades since the Shezue formed its Federation, it was a relief among its stressed and distracted people. It was hard for them to get comfortable with their new political position, and SPEC's new military tech helped ease the tension.

Since the Shezue Federation formed, most of their military was merged together under one umbrella entitled the Avralian Fleet. It wasn't long until SPEC introduced their new military tech afterwards, and from there it became a deeply rooted part of their military operations. Over centuries SPEC became even bigger, developing technology such as food tech that would produce many varieties of food from a simple machine. This alone stopped many hunger problems in many, many countries that were not well-developed like others. They also produced more medicines, cures for more cancers, and developed better surgery tech. 

Gradually their military tech grew vastly larger and more popular since its early days, and provided the Avralian Fleet with most of its weaponry, equipment, and fitted its many vehicles and space equipment.