In the beginning of time, creation bloomed across the heavens and stars, setting forth the motion of galaxies, and the sea of stars. It was during this creation that the Planes of Life took shape in a blast of light and darkness that scoured the vast reaches of space. 

With these creations, and many within, unfolding, divine beings called The Elders came down from the farthest reaches of the universe by order of the Creator to build and maintain balance among the Planes of Life. The first plane of existence becoming the Plane of Light, the second created as the Plane of Realms, and the last becoming the Plane of Darkness, more commonly known as the Underworld. 

Every major galactic constellation known as galaxies was assigned their own group of Elders to help maintain the balance of light and dark, delegating and connecting the vast reaches of space into just a divine collection of spiritual gates. In our galaxy, three divine brothers were created to maintain the balance: Horus, Anubis, and Osiris. Horus was given the task to guard and maintain the Plane of Light, and Osiris was given the duty to protect the Plane of Darkness. Anubis, the strongest of them all, was given the duty of bringing order and balance to the two planes of existence by guarding the gates between, lurking in the reaches of the Plane of Realms, a gateway between galaxies and dimensions. 

However, Osiris began to learn greed and jealousy, and one day he assassinated his younger sibling Horus out of spite so he could take over the living world. However, among the chaos and battle, Anubis stopped him, and in his rage, cast Osiris back to the Underworld along with his army through a long campaign that lasted many, many years. When the first war was over, Anubis took over Horus' role, and his own, accepting responsibility for not being able to save his younger brother. In his mourning and grieving, Anubis became corrupt and violent, losing all sense of morality he had been given and learned for so many years. After hundreds of years, Osiris had been secretly building another army, and once again, attempted to overthrow the throne to the living plane. 

Just like before, Anubis retaliated, and they were met at a gruesome stalemate. Anubis' first general, and daughter, Setko, was persuaded and convinced by Osiris to flee the war effort and escape her father's reign in hopes he could trick her into giving him her incredible prowess and abilities. Setko fled before the last battle of the second Great War, and because of her sudden escape from her father's grasp, Anubis' army was crippled, and Osiris found his advantage. After a long and terrible last battle, neither could claim victory, and both brothers lost more than before. In anger, Anubis sent out several of his strongest and most fierce hunters after his daughter for treason. However with the help of her personal guard, she was able to escape and used her newly-gained ability to travel through time far into the future, going so far that it destroyed the physical nature of her divinity. Her journey had thrown her forward in time by several thousands of years, leaving only her spiritual presence among the stars. 

Enraged by the betrayal of his own daughter, Anubis sent what secret guard he had left to hunt down his daughter through the reaches of infinite time, hoping to claim an evil revenge against his own born. In the darkness, Osiris had witnessed the fall of Anubis' protege, and desperation for more power, sent his own guard after the hunt to catch Setko first. However, after the terrible stalemate both had endured, Anubis and Osiris gave up the war effort and returned to their original positions. Both of the gods accepted what had occured, and in an acceptance of defeat, both became dormant for many, many years. Because of their wars and desperation for power, the timeline destined for peace was corrupted, and many wars began to surface like a dark domino effect since then. Like a plague, darkness threatened to consume the whole universe.