The Shezue System

First inhabited over 4,500 years ago, the Shezue System became well known around the year 2,200. Since then, the last nearly 1,500 years have been extremely prosperous in technology and space exploration. Found among the Tal region in the TAL-3 system, the Shezue System is among the most populated and advanced systems within the galaxy, becoming a representation for unity and coexistence among factions and races, and a major trade place for the Florja.

Keeping a professional and close relationship with the Florja and the Noxas in the W-45 system, the Shezue System grew quickly in the last 1,000 years, and became a center point for many cultures and races for its major cities and large military fleets. 

Over the many years of its success and major trade posts, their system had suffered a few major attacks, including the Galora Invasion in the last century, a galactic pirating raid across many systems stopped at the hands of the Shezue fleets with the help of its neighboring systems. However, because of this, TAL-3 is still under repair and recovering from its struggles and toll from this war. However, even with the difficulty of stopping such a powerful empire, their victory only continued their firm grasp as one of the galaxy's largest and strongest defenses.