Welcome To The TGS Universe
Far into the distant future in another part of our galaxy, the Shezue System became a shining beacon of hope among centures of war, chaos, greed, and division among the major factions in their side of the galaxy. 

After many years of descending chaos, the Shezue Republic had stepped forward and tried uniting the major factions among the neighboring systems into one unified, advanced civilization in a new era of peace and prosperity. 

Starships roam the heavens, medical technologies can revive and clone living beings, weapons can flatten mountains, technology has brought forward the unthinkable and impossible while society becomes peaceful and respectful. 

Elementals roam the planets and heavens almost as commonfolk with their individual prowess among the stars, seeking power, history, or adventure. Creatures thrive and bring about a balance long lost centuries before roaming the planes of green, the oceans of clean water, the mountains higher than the clouds, and across planes of sand and rock where the sun shines the brightest. Glytheum has become a staple in technological advancement becoming the source for fuel, power, and biological evolution. 

Welcome to the Glytheum State universe.