One of the first intelligent species to have lived among the ancients and survived the Genesis Wars, living for thousands of generations, created within the likeness of Horus. They were prophets and scholars among Horus' kingdom in the living realm, holding a great deal of respect among many civilizations. Originally created to record the stories and history from the beginning of Genesis and onward, they quickly became one of the smartest species to live among the gods and demigods. Some were the first to see the birth of god-given unnatural abilities and skills, their presence becoming a protection and trusted asset of Horus and the demigods of the living plane.

Unfortunately during the Genesis Wars they became scattered and their numbers barely surviving a massive genocide shortly after conducted by Osiris, looking to erase history and the archives of his ruthless and unnecessary conflict. Many of them perished under the scattered protection of Anubis, and the hunt Osiris conducted. Their species suffered incredible loss, and their texts and records destroyed or dispersed to the outer reaches of space, the chronicles of their existence and the life before lost through time. 

For generations afterward they lived far apart across the vast reaches of space in their galaxy, cut off from each other, and over time, they settled scattered across the stars. Their presence scarce and rare, leaving only temples, ruins of massive structures, and broken texts across many different planets to the peoples of today. Very few remain, and continue to spread the history of what happened during their species' prime.

Some evolved into different and sparse subcultures surviving the test of time within the rarest and farthest reaches of space, separating their existence from the rest of life for their survival. Most were considered peaceful monks or silent warriors, respecting and coexisting with nature and their surroundings. Presently the record of their existence can be seen across many different worlds from the thousands of years that have past, some of their cultures vastly different than others.