Avralian Fleet
One of the mightiest and renowned armies to preside over a star system, the Avralian Fleet quickly became a formidable army among the stars. Originally created to protect the solar system's outer rim from, at the time, frequent asteroids and debris, the fleet quickly became the biggest asset to the Shezue System. Over the last century the Avralian Fleet slowly developed into an offensive and powerful force, straying away from its original defensive origins, and because of the technological advancements they made, became one of the galaxy's largest fleets.

It wasn't until the Galora Invasion that the fleet was truly put to the test, and although there were many casualties in its decade long campaign, the Avralian Fleet pulled through victorious. With the help of Eloe and Clyde, they spearheaded the assassination of the Galora Queen to put an abrupt end to the invasion, and won the war. Before the invasion, the Avralian Fleet was rarely challenged and respected across the galaxy, and its reputation only grew stronger from its largest victory against the Galora.

The Fleet is made up of several sub fleets; the Avralian Scout Division, the Avralian Recon Ops, and the Avralian Fleet Front Line (Commonly referred to as just the Avralian Fleet).

The Avralian Scout Division is comprised of many pioneers and adventurers destined to roam the stars and star systems to find new worlds, resources, and to famously chart new territories and findings. Without the Avralian Scouts, there would be no star charts and remote recon among the stars. 

The Avralian Recon Ops is a stringent, tight sub fleet that is specifically tasked with the hardest and sometimes most discreet missions. Often deployed secretly from the public, Recon Ops are notorious for their deadly precision, accurate aim, and persistent execution. They are made up of some of the system's deadliest soldiers.

The Avralian Fleet Front Line is what is commonly seen among the Fleet, and makes most of its numbers. The Front Line is made up of various publicly known positions, specialists, and pilots. They are what make up most of the fleet, and what most consider the first line of defense in the Shezue System.