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		Eloe's plot

During the raid on Station V, Eloe had tried forcing the large ship into Karnak,s orbit where it would have fallen and created enough force to have destroyed a huge portion of the planet. However, when Clyde got in the way and fought him off, Eloe fled. Before the ship touched orbit, Clyde, using his former piloting skills and military authority, he launched the rest of the escape pods found on the bridge, saving his son, before self destructing the ship, having it explode before it went into Karnak's atmosphere. This was just the beginning, and Eloe his in secrecy for a decade, building his forces by political movements and speeches before waging war against the Shezue system in one huge fail swoop. While he was in hiding, however, he built hidden sky-scraping towers across Karnak's surface, each containing enough explosive glytheum to wipe out hundreds of miles. He built enough in sequence to blow half the planet apart, and if done right, the wreckage, impact, and debris would hit Forticah too, the most populated planet. It would render both planets inhabitable. Before doing this though, he would simultaneously attack and bomb major cities across Forticah and Karnak, crippling their military forces in one blow. He would hover large cruiser ships above cities, and at the right, would be going dropping bombs while fighting off enemy airforce troops. They would then release hundreds of drops ships into the city that would drop soldiers into battle while fighting off vehicles and air crafts below. After several hours of raiding and pushing all of the citizens, soldiers, and police to the cent of the city, Eloe would then command the last attack. A ruthless and cruel beam of glytheum-enhanced rays the size of a small ship that would obliterate anything its path to dust, all focused from several focus-turrets. After that, they would pull out to meet their superiors and leave the city in rubble.

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