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		Evolving technology

"After spending ten years on planet Bolla IV's surface, we were surprised to see a ship descend down onto the surface. We hurried to its location in hope it was help, someone or something that could improve our dire situation. It had been years since we landed on the surface, and even while adapting to our new environment, we were poor off. Our family and I reached the landing site to find two hyena people, much like us, that also stood on two feet. From a distance we watched carefully, and learned they were a trade group. They had come down to meet with the locals, a race called the Exclio. When we found the ship, we were soon discovered by them, and introduced. It was an exciting day for us; the Exclio people welcomed us after all this time of hiding from them in fear they would hurt us. They taught us new technologies and showed us their temples and large structures built by hand, not with machine. They believed in harnessing power where necessary while still keeping their belief and faith in nature." -F'nere Avralan (The Father) After years and years with their new friendship, the Shezue people's technology quickly grew. They evolved a lot faster than most other species, learning of vast life and the massive reaches of space sooner than most. However, when the mysterious Galorian race waged war through piracy against them, most of the Exclio were murdered and killed, leaving the Shezue on their own. After that battle, they had to almost start over, the result becoming an apocalyptic timeline of horrors and rogue survival. But after another thousand years, they started again. This time, however, they ventured off to their neighbor planet, Karnak, to help "start over" once the technology needed to travel through space was introduced again (It didn't take very long). From there, the Shezue's technology and lively hood only bloomed more, and kept flourishing. After four thousands years after the Great War, they became the most fierce and technologically advance culture in the quadrant of their galaxy, easily surpassing many, many other races.

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