The Shezue Republic, a formidable and respected faction in the Shezue System, also known as the TAL-3 system, with one of the largest and strongest military of the regions. Originally founded by the ancient Taliac clan on planet Bolla IV, the Shezue System grew over several thousand years into three major inhabitable planets: planet Karnak, Forticah, and Bolla IV. The system quickly became a welcomed addition in the region and became a neutral territory for trade and refugees from neighboring systems and regions. Because of this, the Shezue later enacted the Fair Life act within their republic several centuries ago that intended and continued the welcome of all races, creeds, and cultures. This became the beginning of a close and stable relationship with the Florja and Noxas, and gained the reputation as a welcoming system to all people to date, and a central hub for all exploration and inhabitants of the regions.